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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  January 26, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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on preparing for craziness. >> reporter: they have stocked up here on everything from crazy glasses to 49er pinatas to necklaces with chickens on them. however random this stuff is selling like hotcakes. >> anything red and gold they are just everybody wants to represent right now. >> reporter: party supply store employee carl bernardo is excited for his team and his store. >> i was screaming. i'm a huge fan, excited for the super bowl. >> reporter: any good party has a well stocked buffet. >> it's good karma for the 9ers. it's going to help them win. >> reporter: some fans shopped this weekend so they weren't too pooped to party the next. >> it starts with a good meal. so hit up costco for all the good deals and we are ready to celebrate at our friend's house in the marina. >> reporter: with the winning combination of good food, new technology and good spirits, it should be quite a day to celebrate. >>go 9ers.
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>> reporter: anne makovec, cbs 5. kim coyle joins us. have you heard from players? >> one player that the ravens are going to have to account for randy moss once famously said i play when i want to play during his young ever days but the 35-year-old has been a model citizen in his first season with the 49ers just as he promised during training camp. >> i do not like what the nfl does for me. i want to know what i can do to make the nfl better. >> moss caught only three touchdowns during the regular season tied for the fewest of his hall of fame career but one of the most popular players in the locker room and made a huge impact with the team's younger players specifically lamichael james, rookie runningback. >> he's my guy. me and him. he gives me a lot of life lessons not just football but, you know, life in general but, you know, he is a competitor, you know, he knows the ins and
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outs. he keeps everybody motivated. anytime he is on the field, he is a great guy. >> lamichael was just 9 when randy moss came into the league and, of course, they played in a national title game. nothing compared to next sunday. we are your super bowl station and we are sending a team of reporters to cover super bowl xlvii in new orleans. our coverage will include sports director dennis o'donnell, vern glenn, michelle griego and mike sugerman. there's a manhunt in the east bay tonight stemming from a deadly police chase in oakland. police pursued a stolen car early this morning starting on interstate 80 at barrett avenue. the chase lasted 15 minutes. at one point the car was going the wrong way on 580. finally it ended up after the car drove off the road and hit a tree in the oakland hills. police say 8 people were in that car one of them died. police say he is 19 years old. the rest were taken to the hospital or jail. police are looking for one person in the car who ran away.
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well, another gun buy-back program here in the bay area produced another large turnout. like other recent buy-backs the offer of catch for firearms was an incentive but as cbs 5 reporter patrick sedillo shows us, one prominent victim of gun violence says people are rethinking gun ownership. >> we had every hope it was going to be a turnout like this. reporter: the cars lined up for blocks for the san mateo gun buy-back. >> handguns is $100. assault rifles are $200. >> reporter: and there were. besides those, all kinds of guns were brought in. >> we'll give money for up to 3 guns and accept as many as people want to turn in. >> reporter: the idea is simple. it's turned this into this and it's working. >> this is a no questions asked anonymous gun buy-back event. >> reporter: donald smith brought in two old rifles. >> haven't been used in many years. so time to get rid of them. >> reporter: as easy as that -- >> one and two. >> reporter: he got his $200 no questions asked. where's the money? >> the money is right here. all right?
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>> reporter: already spend it? >> you bet. we're heading out of town. >> this is a 100-round magazine. >> reporter: congresswoman jackie speier was in attendance. she was shot in guyana in 1978. she says she doesn't own a gun but her husband does. >> there is a purpose for guns in our society, for hunting, for sport, and any good hunter will say you don't need more than three to five rounds to hunt. and if you are not good enough with three to five rounds, you probably shouldn't be hunting. [ laughter ] >> reporter: reporting from san mateo, patrick sedillo, cbs 5. >> at last count more than 500 firearms were taken in and $53,000 in cash handed out. dozens of people walked along the waterfront today to show support for gun control. the event was organized by the group one million moms for gun control. it was intended to show solidarity with a national march in washington, d.c. the group says it wants commonsense
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legislation for gun control and supports senator dianne feinstein's bill calling for a ban on assault weapons. the national march in washington drew thousands of participants. they carried signs with the names and pictures of gun violence victims. they walked from the capital to the washington monument. many of those who marched say they were spurred to action by the massacre in connecticut last month. among those marching was a group from newtown. other bay area headlines, a pro-life walk in san francisco today marks the 40th anniversary of roe v. wade. the walk for life west coast drew tens of thousands of pro- lifers heading from the civic center plaza to justin herman plaza. the walk is in its ninth year. it looks like the drakes bay oyster company will be evicted from point reyes. the company bid for a preliminary injunction so it could continue operating even though its permit expired in november. a federal judge in oakland heard arguments yesterday. she hasn't made a ruling yet but she hinted she will
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probably turn down the request. tomorrow san francisco police are going to start ticketing drivers who don't feed the meters on sundays. the new rule went into effect this year but officers haven't been enforcing it yet just giving out warnings not citations. well, now the city says the breaks are over. you will have to pay to park from noon to 6 p.m. well, lights out at a bay area gym and a source of the problem plunged from the sky. the bizarre mishap that knocked out the power. >> getting to the super bowl might be hard enough. why there's double trouble for anyone looking to book a hotel. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center meteorologist. we have brisk conditions outside right now and some chilly temperatures coming our way. what about the possibility of a little rain? we'll talk about that coming up. and all week we have been featuring your 49ers photos.
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photos. e-mail us at ' at kpix dot- com' - or upload your pho we would love to see your super bowl photos. so email us at or upload them to our website,
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turn for the worse. his family says he's been in the for treatment of bryan stow has taken a turn for the worse. his family says he has been in the hospital for treatment of a large blood clot. the family says his doctors are amazed he survived the clot given et cetera size. stow suffered severe brain damage during a beating outside dodger stadium nearly two years ago. a bizarre accident knocked out power to thousands of customers in san francisco's south of market area today. a large advertising banner being pulled by a plane fell from the sky on a power line on brannan street. it hit two high voltage wires causing them to short out. people at the tennis club nearby heard noise as the lights went out. >> i was startedled from the
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boom sound thought it was an earthquake. i looked around, just saw smoke. thank goodness nobody was hurt. >> no injuries were reported. about 2,000 customers in the south of market and china basin areas lost power. only a few are still in the dark. full power is expected to be restored by 7 p.m. new orleans is about to host two of america's biggest parties back to back. anyone looking for a room for the super bowl or mardi gras is about out of luck. tourism leaders say new orleans hotels are about 85% booked right now. but after this weekend, the city's hotel rooms will be virtually sold out. new orleans tourism officials say they expect a lot of super bowl guests to stick around for mardi gras the following week. 2800 miles from the bay area, people in baltimore are getting ready for the super bowl. as ravens wrap up their final practice, fans are getting ready to meet the players and
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fans getting ready to drive to new orleans. >> change into making an adjustment. why subway is changing the size of its sandwiches. >> we had showers around the bay area this morning. we could see more. we'll talk about that coming up. plus a chilly night ahead. that is coming up next. >> good luck from new zealand, yeah. >> do you know who they are? >> no. >> the 49ers. >> no.
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measuring up. the sandwich chain says it will is a just in time for the super bowl, subway's foot longs are measuring up. they say they will make sure
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it's 12" after a customer in australia posted a picture on the subway facebook page showing his sub was an inch short. a west sacramento man is one of several customers who even sued subway for misleading claims. well, super bowl weekend will be part of the love story for a patient baltimore couple. jim pelligrini and daisy had their first date at a ravens- giants super bowl party 12 years ago. and they have been together ever since. even though they have talked about marriage, they agreed to wait for a very important date. >> so i said, no, no wait. when the ravens make it back to the super bowl, then we'll finally get married. [ laughter ] >> so the couple will tie the knot in new orleans on super bowl weekend. >> so was she thinking they may not make it? >> postponing it as long as possible? >> now she is forced into it. >> strategy. >> always good to welcome back lawrence karnow to the weekend. >> what do you know? yeah. good to be back on the night side. if you are heading out we have had a brisk day out there and
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looks like a cold night outside and a few more clouds coming our direction. a nice shot for you out over the bay at this hour. the moon just coming up looking good. it looks like we are going to see a few more clouds throughout the night tonight. in fact, there's a chance we could see some showers late tonight. numbers right now running in the 50s across the board outside. so yeah, it's cool now. but it's going to be chilly in the early-morning hours. some of those overnight lows dropping down to or below freezing and there's a slight chance of showers late tonight and into early tomorrow morning. after that, though, we should begin to dry out by sunday afternoon just a chance of a couple of raindrops early on. if you sleep in you'll probably miss it. but temperatures will stay cool. highs only in the low to about the mid-50s around the bay area. statewide, looking at 34 degrees, snowflakes into lake tahoe. 31 in yosemite and 59 degrees partly cloudy into fresno. so here we go, we have had one low pass on through another one dropping down out of the gulf of alaska. that's going to reinforce that
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cold air so some chilly temperatures overnight tonight. a chance of a few scattered light showers after midnight tonight. some of that sweeping on through. not a lot of moisture with this one just a lot of passing clouds and then tomorrow i think not a bad day. if you sleep in you may just miss the raindrops. and then a cool brisk day coming our way. temperatures for overnight lows down into the 30s. in livermore about 34 degrees. 31 below freezing possibly into santa rosa. 33 in the napa valley and about 42 in san francisco. by day, we are only looking at low 50s toward the coastline. mid-50s as you head to the south bay. east bay temperatures will keep you in the low to mid-50s and inside the bay, we are going to keep you cool and probably breezy in toward the afternoon. those winds will be kicking up so it's going to feel cool around the bay area. after that, though, things begin to look good as we get into monday and tuesday. high pressure begins to build in and i think we start to see 60s maybe even mid-60s toward friday and next saturday. so just a slight chance of a few showers tonight. after tonight looks like that's it for the foreseeable future >> thank you.
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well, a unique science fair was on display in san jose today. the stem science fair is the only african-american science fair in california. stem is an acronym for a program emphasizing science, technology, engineering and math. organizers say they have closed the learning gap by engaging students in the subjects. and kids agree. >> i like science and it's important to me because it can help our future and solve some of our world problems that we have today. >> organizers say 100% of the stem scholars enroll in college. 100%! 90% of them graduate in four years with a ba or bs degree. impressive. all righty. lots to talk about in sports. >> i'm wearing sharks colors because i have worn all my red for the 9ers. >> you cannot change now until the sharks lose. >> oh, boy. >> just letting you know! they are riding a good winning streak. a dramatic finish to the australian open and the sharks lower the boom on the avalanche next in sports.
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hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart
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healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ this is how mommy learned... ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ sharks first three games...what are the odds he'd do it again against lawrence loves the sharks. >> huge sharks fan. >> they are home tonight. >> it's a sprint because it's such a shortened season and anything can happen. of course the sharks off to a fast start. patrick marleau scored two goals in each of the first three games. what are the odds he would do it again to the avalanche this afternoon? sims madison missed a great game. his daddy produces a preseason for cbs. sky gomez made his debut with
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the sharks. stewart woke up with a hit on gabriel and o'brien goes after stewart and gets a four minute penalty. when you're on the sharks power play they make you pay. patrick marleau backhands a rebounded into the net. 1-0 sharks. still on the power play, thorn to marleau make it 2-0. another two goal game for marleau. a league leading eight goals in the young season. they are well in control late in the second. the rookie irwin with a slat shot. sharks win 4-0 to improve to 4- 0 on the season. [ sound of bubbling water. ] >> that sound means the return of the dorsal fin digest. they have combined for ten goals and 20 assists in the first four games. marleau is the first player since 1917 to have eight goals after the first four games. they play again tomorrow afternoon against vancouver. women's australian open final after winning the first
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set ankle gives out. she was taped up. victoria azarenka took advantage. she evens it up winning the second set 6-4. li na was up in the second set. fireworks set off as part of the celebration so the match would be delayed for 10 minutes and on the first point back, na's ankle gives out again but this time, it wasn't just her ainge come. she falls and the back of her head hits the court. she had to pass a concussion test but still has a sense of humor. she continues and on championship point li na hits had long and the number one ranked azarenka wins the aussie open for the second straight year. jumping for st. mary's and pepperdine. laveque into the lane for the layup off the game with a game- high 19 points off the bench gaels up by 9 at the half. second half holt to jordan for the three. another win for st. mary's. 84-72 gaels have won 5
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straight. kerry keating and santa clara visiting san diego up five in the second half kevin foster with a nice pass to mark tressal ini throws it down 25 points. rock amour with the offensive board takes the three himself. he had 18. santa clara over san diego 64- 50. that is santa clara 16th win of the season. fog wiped out the third round at torrey pines. tiger woods is in the lead by 2 strokes but check out jerry kelly and lucas glover. playing a little baseball to kill time. tiger resumes his quest tomorrow weather permitting. in the 80s, the washington redskins offensive line was known as the hogs. while there's no nickname for the 49ers o line they feel they resemble a different animal. >> your visit to san francisco's zoo actually made national headlines and i think they named a rhino after you. is that right? why was that a big deal for
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you? >> that is correct. i mean, it was a big deal to me, very humbling. it's a rhino only 800 in the world and for them to name one after me i thought was very humbling but great opportunity, you know, try to make the rhino proud last week. i think i did that. but, you know, just going forward, what else could i say? it's a rhino a beautiful creature. and you know, i kind of resemble a rhino a little bit in the face. >> if they named an animal after jim harbaugh, which animal would it be? careful. >> oh, my gosh. >> ha ha ha! >> i'm going to pass on that question. [ laughter ] >> i think -- >> i'll answer that after the super bowl. >> okay. very smart. very smart. finally, why have you become the official spokesman? i saw you on the nfl network this morning. and it seems like every time somebody's -- hey, you got to get boone, the best talker. where did this come from? have you always been like this? >> yeah. i think so. you know, just best looking offensive line we have. >> naturally. >> articulate. come on. [ laughter ] >> you know, i don't know. they just -- i don't know. they just come to me, i don't
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know. in case you missed it last night in miami a miami heats fan the shod from midcourt out of nowhere look who tackles him. yeah. lebron james. the fan wins a $75,000 prize. lebron also contributed some money to the boys & girls club and actually he had him on his post-game interview. it was funny. this guy sitting next lebron with the basketball. so exciting. thank you. if you are heading to the super bowl what else do you plan to do besides go to the game? tonight, cbs 5 reporter don knapp shows us what to do in the big easy. that and more at 6:30. >> first more 49ers photo. a family from daly city showing pride in front of candlestick. this person is a fan since the '70s him and his girlfriend. ophelia of fairfield says her son looks like colin kaepernick.
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what do you think? a little bit. >> i think he does. >> a little about. >> definitely. >> we would like to see your super bowl photos. email us at or upload them to our website, captions by: caption colorado >> our team is already landing in new orleans and then getting ready for a full super bowl coverage all week long. we'll be back in half hour for eyewitness news at 6:30 and see you at 10:00 and 11:00. until then our news updates are on good night.
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>> axelrod: tonight, no break from winter. more snow and ice threaten the midwest and northeast. terrell brown is tracking the storms. the 911 calls in texas. what's the threat? the flu.
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dr. jon lapook on the outbreak. what some women who own firearms think of the new push for gun control. >> are you ready? >> yes. >> axelrod: nancy cordes takes a look. and class act. >> i felt that way when i was in afghanistan. you know, we looked at each other as brothers. >> axelrod: moving veterans from the battlefield to the classroom. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. we're still a week away from groundhog day tonight, but in much of the country people don't need any help figuring out winter will be with them a while longer. they can feel on their frozen faces. again tonight, temperatures are dropping below normal across much of the country. and terrell browb reports there's more snow and ice to come. >> reporter: at this volunteer tent on new york's staten island, donna graziano is helping


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